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Kooyong Tennis Academy FAQ

Can only members access the Kooyong International Tennis Academy?

Coaching is available to members and non-members alike. Although, when it comes to members we try our best to give them lesson time priority where possible.


How do I enroll? And can I enroll after the term has commenced?

Enrollment is organised through the pro shop. Contact us via email HERE to organise a time or program that works best for you. Alternatively you can call us on 9824 6860. Enrollment can be organised at any time during the term and you will be invoiced on a pro rata basis.

What court surface will I be coached on?

We conduct our lesson on en tout cas courts and in our world famous stadium on the hard courts.

What’s your extreme weather policy?

In regards to heat, we will not conduct lessons if the temperature exceeds 37 degrees Celsius. If the temperature is between 32-36, the lesson will be modified. If the lesson has been washed out, the coach will contact you directly via text message, if you do not receive a message, your lesson is still on.

What do I wear and bring?

Clothing must follow the clubs dress code which can be found HERE. It is advised that you bring a drink bottle, sunscreen and a hat.

Do I need to re-enroll each term?

No, enrollments automatically roll over to the following term unless we have been advised otherwise.

How old does my child need to be in order to start lessons?

Coaching sessions begin at as young as four years of age, but it also depends on when your child feels ready to start.


I couldn’t attend my lesson, will I receive a make-up lesson?

For private and semi-private lessons we will only conduct make-up lessons if the missed lesson was due to a heat out, wash out or coach cancellation.

For squads, any squads missed due to heat out, wash out or coach cancellation will have a make-up conducted on the following weekend or as advised by squad coaches.

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