Our programs are meaningful and targeted specifically to the needs of our students.

We have developed programs for all ages and levels of players, from youngsters learning Hot Shots Tennis, right up to and including individualised training packages for Pro Players on the ATP and WTA Tours.

As well as our player programs we also cater for adult players of all levels and packages for young players, teens and seniors preparing to climb the ladder of success.

It is important to note that non-members are welcome to participate in all our programs, however priority is given to Kooyong members.

Effective player development is our passion; we believe that a deliberate and structured approach to a player’s improvement process is the best way to realise their potential.

Starting with young players and providing training in each of the key developmental aspects, and then offering a well-targeted pathway for these players to progress toward their desired goals, is a recipe for success that works.

The required athleticism, including running, jumping, sliding, turning, twisting, accelerated starting, sudden stopping and then hitting the ball in a complex variety of directions and ways, is incredibly demanding physically. Any lack in strength, flexibility, agility or fitness will have an exponential impact on a players physical capabilities, but it will also spread across the other player competencies in the mental, technical, tactical and emotional proficiencies.


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