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Kooyong International Tennis Academy is an exceptional sporting development institute. Bringing the latest in information, expertise and technologies to the professional, developmental and recreational fields of tennis.

It has been said that tennis is a sport where players must ‘respond to a continuous series of emergencies’ and that the many and various ways they must move, stop and restart to play a match, as well as maintain their balance, focus on their strategy and make decisions about techniques and approaches, makes the game of tennis demanding and rigorous.

Player fitness, physical, mental and emotional, is critical to achieve the best performance levels.  At KITA, we understand what it takes to be at the top of your game and we have the coaching talent to take you there.   We can offer our players a variety of training options to address gaps in their fitness to ensure they have the best support to meet the high demands of this sport.

We give beginners a strong foundation in the fundamentals for their future play, we offer high performance Intensives for young, professional and senior players and we provide targeted coaching sessions for players of all levels, whether their interest is to play for fitness, fun or high performance.

Our highly-skilled coaches are ready to take your tennis game to the next level. Privates, groups and ranges of squads such as our High Performance, Junior Development and Day Squad. Our variety of programs ensure that there is something for you regardless of your ability.

Tennis coaching program at Kooyong Lawn Tennis Club
restringing tennis racquets at Kooyong Pro Shop
Kooyong Tennis Academy Tennis Motivation Statement


Our Pro Shop, located within the clubhouse, caters for all your racquet, shoes, apparel & accessory needs from premium brands for men, women and juniors. Meet our Proshop and Tennis Academy staff and utilise their expert knowledge to get the most out of your tennis and current racquets through restringing. No membership is required to take advantage of this service.

We have a large range of racquets, shoes, bags and tennis attire, catering for the needs of tennis players of all ages including many of the major brands. We have a fast and professional racquet stringing service as well as our racquet ‘demo’ program, allowing you to ‘try before you buy’, any racquet model for up to 4 weeks prior to purchase.

We stock a constant supply of the latest tennis shoes and bags as well as a sizeable range of clothing including our Kooyong Lawn Tennis Club range of tracksuits, shorts, skirts, collared tees and club knits. We also have tennis balls and all the other accessories you need to look great and play your best game.

Many people assume that because we’re a small boutique, situated in a prestigious tennis club, that our prices will be more expensive than the internet or the other major sporting outlets, but we offer PRICE MATCH GUARANTEE

Click on the link for the Pro Shop website.

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